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Comment Policy


If you want to comment on our blog then you must comment on the following principles. So before commenting please read my comment policy well.

  • To comment on this blog, you must use your real name, in no way can the same name be used.
  • Refrain from commenting on breaking the law.
  • Maintain modesty in comments, indecent, unholy words.
  • Refrain from commenting or questioning someone’s religious feelings.
  • No member or member, no one can be abused in any way.
  • Comments cannot be requested for phone number/facebook id etc. by specifying the direct or email address.
  • No kind of link can be published for campaigning.
  • Nobody can be attacked personally.
  • Try to create a post related comment.
  • Spam comments have no place on this site.
  • Breastfeeding24.com Blog is not responsible for any comment on this blog, the commentator is responsible for all comments. While
  • commenting on this blog, it acknowledges that every comment made by him is his responsibility, and he owns that comment.

If you have any problems or questions about this comment policy, please mail us by expressing your opinion or question.